Activities in the Carmel, CA Area

California Adventure - Travel Big Sur Highway 1

  • Highway One, California *Highway One, California
  • Peaceful Carmelite Monastery, Carmel, CA *Carmelite Monastery
  • Doud Creek Beach, CA Ocean Scenery *Doud Creek Beach
  • Doud Creek Beach, CA Ocean and Hills *Doud Creek Beach
  • Doud Creek Beach Crashing Waves and Cliffs *Doud Creek Beach
  • Doud Creek Beach Wave Breaking *Doud Creek Beach Wave
  • Bixby Creek Canyon with Hills and Flowers *Bixby Creek Canyon

The Central Coast Highway or Highway 1 between Carmel and Cambria is known as the Big Sur Highway. This stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is often said to be the greatest drive in America. The awe inspiring views with the Pacific Ocean crashing below provide breathtaking scenery and beauty. This section of Highway One or Big Sur Highway has the designation of a National Scenic Byway.

Some people visiting the coast of California for the first time are confused by the many names associated with Highway One. Highway one stretches across the length of California and occasionally merges with other highways for a short distance. Many consider the section of highway one called "The Big Sur" highway to the be most spectacular section of the highway one adventure, however, if you are really exploring the beauty of this road then please consider extending your trip up highway one past San Francisco and then up to Mendocino County. If budget is not a constraint... rent yourself a nice convertible sports car, surprise your loved one, and prepare for the best romantic adventure of your life.