Activities in the Carmel, CA Area

Monterey Bay Weather - Carmel by the Sea, California

Carmel, CA offers a moderate temperature throughout the year. Known as Carmel-by-the-Sea, the artisan city lies in the midst of a microclimate, being on a peninsula, surrounded by the ocean and backed by mountains and valleys. As a world-class coastal resort Carmel CA has unique and changeable weather patterns.

Crisp, clear winter days with blue skies give way to cold evenings that are warmed by a roaring fireplace, which is what to be expected at one of the many quaint inns in the village of Carmel. Spring can have windswept days of sunshine between rainstorms that end in rainbows over the bay. Summer's coastline marine layer burns off by the afternoon transitioning to a cool, comfortable evening. Autumn's sunny mornings and warm to hot afternoons are pleasantly refreshed by breezes from the surrounding valleys--definitely a favorite time to visit Carmel CA and its wineries.

Spring in Carmel California: March, April & May

You can count on rain showers mixed with sunshine and fog throughout the spring season. Be prepared for a variety of weather temperatures. Keep an umbrella in the car as offshore storms can come through the peninsula quickly. Rainstorms usually give way to sunshine and some of the most beautiful double rainbows you'll ever see. Temperatures can typically range from 32 to 70. This is the season that Carmel fields and meadows blossom with wild flowers, grasses and a variety of wildlife.

Summer in Carmel California : June, July & August

Carmel CA summers tend to be foggy and slightly cooler than inland central California (50-70's) This is what makes the area a welcome getaway for visitors from Sacramento to Los Angeles. The fog can clear out by early afternoon giving way to exceptionally beautiful red and gold sunsets at the beach. When late August approaches, Carmel generally gets out its warmest days. It's a season with fragrant breezes and when wine production and harvest is celebrated throughout the Monterey Peninsula. Rain is hardly ever a problem during summer, but bring a light jacket or shell for those marine-cooled summer nights with a magical cast of fog lingering over the ocean. This is a great time to enjoy many of the festivals and events that take place on the Monterey Peninsula.

Autumn in Carmel California: September, October & November

Autumn is a great time on the Monterey Bay Peninsula, when one can really enjoy kayaking, hiking, biking, wine tasting, birding and many of the Peninsula's outdoor events. The Harvest Festival, Art & Wine Weekends and Wine Harvests all occur during these months when you can enjoy warm, sunny days and pleasant balmy nights. Bring a blanket for the beach and bottled water when enjoying recreational activities so you stay hydrated in this clean, clear environment. If you do any wine tasting in the Carmel Valley, but sure to further complement the experience with some gourmet delights, then sit back and drink in the beauty of the season.

Winter in Carmel California : December, January & February

Everything from mystical and cloudy skies full of rain showers to bright sunny days are possible during winter in Carmel. Storms from Mexico and the Northwest can blow through the Monterey Peninsula and back out again quickly. The beaches are especially cool and breezy during these months, and golfers are always challenged by the weather. Visitors are wise to bring everything from a warm raincoat, and sweater to a bikini bathing suit during a holiday visit to Carmel CA, because you can experience it all during this wonderful time of the year.