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Exploring Don Smith’s Photography

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The first time I saw the photographs of Don Smith I recognized the works of a master. I believe my first impression was somewhere balanced between awe and intimidation. When I study Don’s work I am constantly discovering new aspects of the photographs and many times I have to ask “how did he do that?” You can take just one of Don’s photographs and spend hours exploring its details.

When Carmel Mission Inn suggested that we create a slide show of Don’s work I was thrilled at the opportunity to spend a few hours pouring over a dozen photographs and looking for a method to display these remarkable photographs online. What we came up with was an analogy to standing in a gallery and moving our perspective in relationship to the photograph. For example on “King Tide” I wanted to start with the perspective of standing about 12 inches from the photograph and feeling like I was inside of the exploding wave and then back up to see the big picture of rocks and coastline.

Please watch our short 2 minute video and immerse yourself in Don’s work. Hopefully, you will need to watch our video multiple times. When you are ready visit Don’s website, and perhaps take a trip to Carmel and participate in one of Don’s photography workshops.