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Great Winter Getaway

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Reviewed December 21, 2012:
Carmel Mission Inn PoolMy fiancé and I took our infant on his first road trip – a winter getaway to Carmel. What a memorable and special time we had in the gorgeous Carmel Mission Inn! The room was spotless, beautifully appointed, comfortable and just totally wonderful – especially the patio which overlooked the pool area. A small refrigerator was provided, which was so helpful, in keeping bottles and baby food chilled until the baby was ready for them.

Surprisingly (or not, this is the Central Coast after all), the weather in late November was gorgeous and our baby enjoyed his first pool experience (using a swim diaper, of course), which we captured with our camcorder. The pool was beautiful and the staff thoughtfully provides a wicker trunk filled with clean, fluffy towels for easy access for guests. This hotel was super easy to find off Highway 101, and it is literally just off of Highway 1, easy access to explore Carmel – and Monterey. We (and a family we met at the hotel’s pool) visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium, making our winter getaway a completely awesome experience.

I highly recommend this hotel for awesome staff – courteous and helpful with perfect follow-through, great food (room service rocks!), easy access from two roadways and a beautiful, modern hotel. We hope to stay again in the near future! See you soon, Carmel Mission Inn!