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Soberanes Point and Wild Calla Lilies Grove

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Soberanes Point – Garrapata State Park

Soberanes Point – Garrapata State Park

Another favorite sunset location of mine is Garrapata State Park. On the northern end is an area known as Soberanes Point. Although not visible from the Highway, there is a cool arch (that I refer to as the Soberanes Arch).

Be very careful walking around this area as it is known for its “sneaker waves.” My best advice: never take your eyes off the ocean.

During the winter months, especially on the eve of an approaching Pacific storm, the wave action can become quite dramatic; thus, making for great images! Just stay along the headlands and use caution and common sense and you’ll be fine. It is a beautiful area.

Wild Calla Lillies in Garrapata Beach

Wild Calla Lilies Grove – Garrapata Beach

If you are visiting the area during the spring months, then a stop at the wild calla lilies grove near Garrapata Beach is a must!

This wild grove has become so popular that the parks department has now build stairs leading down to this wonderful setting. A small creek meanders through the grove so be careful where you step.

My recommendation is to photograph either very early in the morning or near dusk as the wind is generally at its most calm at those two times of the day.

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