Bixby Bridge, Highway 1, California

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This area of the blog will cover the attractions surrounding Carmel CA, specifically the ones closer to Carmel Mission Inn.

The Bridges of Monterey County

Granite Canyon BridgeFor most people, the thought of reading about bridges might be enough to place them in a trance. But, bridges are important; they connect us to places that otherwise might be inaccessible. Nowhere else is this point made clearest than on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) or Highway One (HWY 1). When traveling HWY 1 between Carmel and Cambria, a driver heavily relies on the use of bridges to be able to traverse this rocky, majestic coastline. Without them, drivers the world over would not be able enjoy the wonders of the Big Sur coast. Not only do these bridges have a highly functional role on Highway 1, but they are also famous landmarks in their own right, beckoning tourists to stop and photograph them. Thus, join me as we take a tour along the Central California coast by way of the bridges of Monterey County.

Video Visit to the Carmelite Monastery in Carmel CA

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Carmelite Monastery which is home to the order of nuns referred to as sisters by the sea, is one of the first Carmelite monasteries on the western coast of the United States. This beautiful building was built in 1931 just off Highway one across from Point Lobos and south of Carmel-by-the-Sea. The gardens that surround the monastery are meticulously maintained by the Carmelite nuns and are full of colorful flowers, fragrant lemon trees, and benches for anyone who wants to sit, relax, and meditate. We invite you to walk the gardens and come view the towering ceilings and soft filtering sunlight of the church.

Mass at Carmelite Monastery of Carmel, CA

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Carmelite Monastery

Carmelite Monastery

Carmelite Monastery of Carmel, CA is home to a community of sequestered meditative nuns who live a life of devotion to Jesus Christ through prayer and song. This 81 year old monastery is a spectacular building which contains a lovely cathedral and peaceful gardens that are the perfect place for prayer or reflection. A visit to the Carmelite Monastery mass is a unique experience as the voices of the choir ascend through the cathedral with such clarity and beauty that your find yourself wanting to come back again and again. Public Mass is held six days a week.

Carmel-by-the-Sea Food Tour

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Take this six minute guided tour of Carmel’s restaurants, food shops, and local attractions. On our tour we will taste delights from seven different eateries. Our guide, Staci Giovino, will also provide insights into the local architecture and history. Along the way you will discover the hidden alley ways and courtyards that most visitors never find.

Things to do on the Monterey Peninsula!

A local’s perspective…

Point Lobos

Having the privilege to live in one of the most amazing places on earth when it comes to things to do we residents have the ability to get out and take advantage of some of the counties unparalleled attractions and activities. From a local’s stand point, the following six activities are a great representation of what this region has to offer to locals and visitors alike.